Menena Cottin

MENENA COTTIN / Caracas, Venezuela 1950

She studied graphic design in Caracas, at the Neumann Foundation Design Institute. After taking courses in writing and illustrating children's books at Parsons School of Design and traditional animation at the Pratt Institute, both in New York City, he began creating books for children.

Author of The Black Book of Colors, translated in 16 languages ​​(New Horizons Prize at the Children's Book Fair of Bologna, 2007, Prix Litteéraire de la Citoyenneté, France 2008, Top Ten children's books, New York Times Book Review, New York 2008, ten best books, Banco del Libro, Caracas, 2007, ALAS-BID 2015 Best Children's Publishing Award, Washington DC, USA).

Author, illustrator and designer of more than 30 children's books published in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Italy, France, Portugal. He has also published adult narrative that includes stories, novels, and the autobiographical book "Close the eyes that we are going to see" of which also produced the version in audio book.

In the digital environment, Menena Cottin, together with her son Alfredo, is the creator of And Then Story Designers, an editorial that has produced four digital books, all of them authors, including Double Double, winner of Special Mention at the Fair Of the children's book of Bologna 2014.Menena Cottin lives in Caracas with her husband. They have two children, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren.

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